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Having been working hard to keep up with the weekly tasks it’s come onto my radar the necessity to prioritise the main project assignment. It’s due in on Dec 11th and is there to showcase both our understanding of the knowledge and techniques, but also to embed some storytelling creativity.

The project is a piece that is connected to the locomotion and mechanics content that we have been learning about. My piece has been bounced around from a few topics, I’ve now settled upon a pantomime chase scene, it revolves around 2 characters, a girl and a robot who are walking merrily along a forest path. They are out butterfly hunting with a net, book and the girl has a butterfly shaped bag ( yet to model) all setting the scene. The action is centred around a butterfly that swings down through the forest canopy, teases them both as they run after it, and disappears up into the sky. The girl is thrown up by the robot where, hanging poetically in the air, just about to catch the insect, she gets caught herself by a huge hand belonging to the goblin. Another catch.

I’ve been scribbling some notes to come to terms with he planning, scheduling and storytelling aspects-





This is the Goblin model I shall also be rigging for my first main project.


He’s a bit of a dark character but suits my genre busting piece.




Here’s the Goblin being rigged.




Also, in this week’s tutorials we’ve been tasked with producing some walk cycles. I’ve been playing around with the Monty rig, and a model that I rigged from Mixamo called Michelle. Thankfully I’ve mostly got a decent understanding of basic rigging and have found the Advanced Skeleton system to be very solid.


So, this is the Michelle model that I’ve rigged up, it took a while to get right as the weight painting was pulling the hair all over the place, I finally found the answer in that you can lock the layer when you’ve finished the painting on one joint – who knew!


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