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It ain’t easy! For anyone who wishes to be a good animator it’s clear that poor lip-sync is really easy to see and not so easy to fix. Needless to say I managed to post a bit of a stinker online recently, only to be rudely clarified in the cold, hard light of the morning just what I’d tried to rush out. A few lessons there. One thing that has stood out, upon receiving sound feedback (sorry) is that when people speak, not all the mouth shapes are well defined – we’d look a bit pretentious if we enunciated all the sounds perfectly. To get better, I need to fully study, recognise and implement a number of skills

  1. What are the key accents that need to be more fully shaped out.
  2. What are the transitions that soften/dampen the overall shapes.
  3. Understand that the mouth does not always shut, or revert to a rested position between words and/or sentences.

So without further adieu, here’s my first full attempt. The first section could still do with calming down but overall, it’s a good start I think.




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