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At the beginning of this month we received the audio track that will be the foundation of our current module – Character Animation. Working to the monthly deadline familiar to the 11 Second Club, we are to create our animations all planned, created and rendered to the deadline of March 31st.


Firstly, I’ve been breaking down the audio into a narrative path, looking at the transcript, working out the accents and intentions beneath the raw words. As 11 seconds is not a vast length of time, I shall be trying to concentrate upon subtle cues in delivering body language and inner thought.


Here’s the image that describe my first stage planning –




I’m thinking that the best route in for the narrative is to have the second character wrapped up in something contemplative, he’s obviously ‘experiencing’ some revelatory, poetic moment, rather than a simple meditative story, my piece will be based around the notion of beauty, something I’m always drawn to. In this instance the clearest example of beauty that springs to mind, when thinking of tropical islands, is an oversize sea shell. I think that I should be able to capture a sense of wonderment, action, contemplation etc with a ‘reveal’ of an overly coloured conch shell, being held my the second character. I also feel that it could be a clever juxtaposition of a rough and ready pirate that has his heart full of natural wonderment and beauty, an unexpected poetic soul…





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