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It’s been a good few months since the last post, largely due to having a summer and being back at work – not easy fitting everything in when delivering new units. However, I have been spending quite alot of time enjoying said content, having to get an understanding of sculpting characters in Blender. Alongside watching a fair few tuts on the subject of sculpting, I’ve also been exploring a few addons and trying to know the rigging system. Of course the principles are the same which overlaps well, there’s seemingly a few extra ways to develop rigs and I really like the workspace of the properties panel, modifiers and constraints, the block and stacking nature of them make it somewhat easier to feel like you’re in control…

One addon I’ve taken to that creates elegant overlap and follow through on rigged entities is SJ Phaser, it’s created I believe by a Japanese ultra runner who has a few other useful addons cheaply available here. Simply put, after selecting the bones you want to be affected, it calculates the physical simulation of weight and flow. Here’s a quick vid I made for a colleague,

On another note, I’m excited to start exploring drivers, there’s a great 15 min tutorial that shows how you can create a spider walk with a sophisticated, and very lively little fellow. It’s put together by Polyfjord who is a masterful and technically brilliant Blender modeller/rigger/artist. Here’s the chap running across the screen with noise distortion on the main body, I can’t wait to learn how to script a driver in so that the legs only move when the main controller is moved to,

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